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Featured Articles

My Greatest Lessons…

Each year I think to myself: "This is it. I've perfected our preschool. I won't need to change anything next year. ...

A little trip overseas!

I feel like taking you down memory lane with one of my favorite childhood games, "Where in the world is ...

Happy Thanksgiving from the Grand Canyon!

I hope you're planning a fun Thanksgiving with your family!  Preschool is out for a week for Thanksgiving, so we're spending it with my ...

How To Prepare For Preschool In 5 Minutes Or Less!

I’ll be honest.  There’s one thing I don’t like about preschool: Prep Time. And if I had to survey 100 preschool or child care teachers I bet they’d agree: Prepping for preschool takes too much of our time, and we’d rather spend it with our families. So what does preschool prep time include?  It includes […]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Grand Canyon!

We decided to take 10 days off and really enjoy ourselves while showing off America’s beautiful landmarks to our children! Seriously, every day I am so thankful that we own our own preschool business and are in control of our own schedule so we can take time off for our family whenever we want.

Tips for Holding Successful Parent Teacher Conferences in Preschool

Our preschool teachers have been holding Parent Teacher Conferences for years, and have quite a few tips for you preschool teachers out there!

Fun Preschool Painting Activities: Paint on Shirts!

If you want your preschoolers to paint some shirts for a special activity, parade, or field trip, then follow these fun tips for your child to learn to paint on shirts.