Starting A Preschool – The Best Job Ever?

Hi!  I’m Joy Anderson!  When it comes to starting a preschool in your home, you’ll have no better instructor than me. :-)

Starting A Preschool | Joy Anderson

Starting A Preschool | Joy Anderson

I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of women from all over the world and all walks of life in starting a preschool in their home.  Women from Africa to Australia to India have all listened to my FREE CD on how to start a preschool.

I know you are busy…(who isn’t these days)  Give me 2 minutes and I’ll show you why starting a preschool may be THE BEST thing you can do for your family.

I’m going to be honest, starting a preschool is a wonderful way to make some money AND allows you to be able to stay at home with your family!  If you are like me, you would much rather work from home than goto a job all day and put your kids in daycare.

Even if you don’t have children at home, starting a preschool can solve your money issues and allow you not to have to go find a job!  AND…you can feel good about helping and teaching children, helping them grow and developing their life skills before they head to Kindergarten.

Being a stay at home mom for 8 years, I never had to worry about our income, because I was a stay at home.  All that supposed security came to an abrupt end a few of years ago when I became a single mom and needed a source of income for my family.

When looking at my options, I really became sad and even a little upset because I did NOT want to leave my kids to a daycare while I worked all day.


After looking at all my options, starting a preschool seemed to be the best of both worlds!  It allowed me to work from home, spending time with my kids.

If you have young children its even cooler!  Because now your children can get a FREE education before they head to school.  As far as money, you can make as little or as much as you want!  You only need to work 5 hours a day.   And the good news is that considered Full-Time!  Many preschool teachers decide they only want to have a morning or an afternoon class and work part-time.  It’s up to you!

For me, I needed a full-time income so taught 2, 2 ½ hour classes and am able to bring in over $4,000 a month!  Of course, I can’t guarantee or promise what you can make.

Start A Preschool

Start A Preschool

What I can promise is that you will absolutely love my #1 SECRET To Starting A Preschool In Your Home!

Visit us today at and let me share with you the ONE Secret that might change your family’s life forever!

Starting A Preschool

Starting A Preschool