Top 10 Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

As you’re preparing for your first preschool tour, I’m betting you’ll feel pretty anxious about how you’re going to answer the many preschool teacher interview questions that parents will ask you.  But if you’re prepared in advance, and can actually answer those questions without parents ever having to ask them, you won’t find yourself having to defend your answers.  You’ll simply be stating how your preschool runs, and at the end of the tour, every parent should have the majority of their preschool teacher interview questions already answered!

It’s all in the delivery, folks!  And after answering literally hundreds of preschool teacher interview questions myself, I’d be an idiot if I didn’t learn a thing or two about how to carefully craft what I say to alleviate a parent’s fear and help them feel at ease with putting their child in our care.

And at the root of most preschool teacher interview questions, a parent is really asking: “Is my child going to be safe in your care?”  And you can’t answer that question point blank, because that fear will never be alleviated with a simple answer.  It will come over time, as parents develop confidence in your program and abilities, and that confidence will only develop if they see that YOU are confident about your program and abilities!!!  This is a very important point, so take note!

I’ve listed below the top 10 preschool teacher interview questions that you MUST answer during your interview/tour before a parent even asks them, as well as your possible responses.  Remember, you’re in charge of the interview, so take charge and start answering your preschool teacher interview questions!

  1.  Are you licensed with the state?
    When preschool teachers have Early Childhood Education knowledge and several years’ teaching experience, your child will learn and grow in a caring environment with age-appropriate activities and positive behavior to model.
  2. What education and experience do you have to teach preschool?
    When preschool teachers have Early Childhood Education knowledge and several years’ teaching experience, your child will learn and grow in a caring environment with age-appropriate activities and positive behavior to model.
  3. How many children will be in my child’s class, and what is the staff/child ratio?
    When a preschool has small class sizes, your child will feel more comfortable in his/her class and will gain close friendships with the other preschoolers.  Similarly, a staff/child ratio within Idaho licensing guidelines (1:12) will help your child get lots of 1-1 attention from the teacher.
  4. What is your teaching approach: Teacher directed or child initiated?  Activity- or worksheet-based?
    When a preschool has a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities, your child will learn to follow directions and also play independently.  And if the curriculum is activity-based, your child will enhance their learning by using all 5 senses.
  5. Do you have an open-door policy?
    When a preschool has an open-door policy (meaning that you can pop in at anytime without calling first) they’re letting you know they have nothing to hide.  And preschools that allow you to observe their teaching are obviously confident in their teaching methods.
  6. What will my child be taught?
    Preschool is not only a time for learning important Pre-K concepts but also to learn important life skills and develop their social, emotional, and physical skills.
  7. What is your daily schedule?
    When a preschool has a consistent routine each day, your child will feel confident with their place inside the class.  A familiar routine helps your child to understand what is coming next, which often facilitates easy transitions from activity to activity.
  8. Do you take field trips?
    A preschool that offers field trips will help your child grasp fun concepts not possible within the classroom, such as seeing baby lambs walk, hearing a fire truck’s horn, or visiting a Dentist.
  9. How will you keep my child healthy and safe?
    When a preschool has distinct policies and procedures setup regarding health and safety, your child will benefit from being in a safe, clean environment.
  10. What is your discipline policy?
    When a preschool has a specific procedure in place to handle misbehaving before it grows into a problem, your child will feel secure in knowing the rules (and consequences of those rules).
I hope that as you take charge of the interview, you’ll be able to confidently craft the answers to these preschool teacher interview questions before they’re even asked!  Your confidence will shine through, and parents will be so grateful that you answered all their questions!