Making Their Day With Candy Bar Cards!

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Ever wanted to cheer someone up with a thoughtful, original idea, but had no idea what that idea should be?  Have no fear – have some FUN and create a candy bar message for your friend or loved one!

Here’s how to do it:

Go to the grocery store and buy candy bars… A LOT OF CANDY BARS!

Choose candy bars or candies that have a fun brand name that could be used for a word in your message, such as:

  • 100 GRAND
  • DOVE
  • SKOR
  • TWIX
  • MARS
  • SPECIAL (Hershey’s special dark)

Write Your Message Using As MANY Candy Bars As Possible!

It helps if you have a marker board, or some other hard board to write onto (Dollar Tree sells hard display boards for just $1!)  When you’re writing, get creative!  Use a sharpie marker to X-out any part of the candy bar name that doesn’t apply to the message.  And if you get stuck, you can always put a candy bar up there and then put what it’s supposed to be down below.

Here was my message from the preschoolers to my teacher on her birthday:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You are the STARBURST of our day!  I know sometimes we act like AIRHEADS but us RUNTS love you so much!  You are a TREASURE!  (Gold coin).  We told Miss Joy to get you 100 GRAND for your PAYDAY, and she said You Deserve It!

Finish off with a fun gift for your friend or loved one!

When it comes to gifts, I think cash is king, so I put together a fun card for my teacher to read to make her THINK she was getting cash…

It says: “Here’s a hint to what your present is.  It starts with: ‘M-O-N’ and ends with ‘E-Y.'”

Money, right?


“M-O-N-K-E-Y!”  Then on the bottom of the card it said, “Ha ha!  Just kidding!  Turn the board over to find your REAL gift!”

I finished it off with a monkey taped to the board with him holding a sign saying “Happy Birthday!” in one hand, and a $50 bill in the other hand!

She loved it!  And I know whoever you send your candy bar card to will love it also!

***  Who thinks they can come up with a message using the MOST of the candy bars listed above?  Write it in the comments below and I’ll post ’em as they come in!  Have fun!!!

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  1. Cute Joy! LOVE this idea – gonna’ do one for my hubby tonight!

    Here goes:

    You are the SYMPHONY of my life. You give me BUTTERFLIES (butterfinger) every time you ROLLO-ver in the morning to give me HUGS & KISSES. I certainly SKORed with MR. GOOD-MAN when I married you! You’re a WHOPPER of a HUNK and are worth more than 100 GRAND, the MILKY WAY, and MARS all combined! Our SUGAR BABIES are so lucky to have you as their Dad – they love going for a FUN DIP in the pool with you! You’re such a SMARTIE and oh so SPECIAL!

  2. you guys inspire me!
    here’s mine-

    My dear SWEET TART,
    I want to let you know how SPECIAL you are to me and that you are the STARBURST of my life!
    I love you to MARS and back! I definately SKORed when I met you and you have been my LIFESAVER even tho our marriage has been a ROCKY ROAD. I have MOUNDS of almond JOY for you and our love, NOW AND LATER is a beautiful SYMPHONY! Some people think that we are AIRHEADS for having so many SUGARBABIES; some of them WHOPPERS, some of them RUNTS,some of them SMARTIES and some of them NERDS but I love them all so much . On PAYDAY, I’ll CRUNCH some numbers, and if we can swing it, I’ll take you shopping on 5TH AVENUE and spend 100 GRAND on you! After that we can make a FAST BREAK for a FUN DIP and cover each other with HUGS AND KISSES! Mr. Goodbar, I have every REISON in this MILKWAY to be your wife and I love you to reece’s PIECES! So don’t be a BUTTERFINGER, just ROLLOn over here and be my SUGARDADDY!

    Love your Dove,

  3. This is not a completely original one of mine, but it is cute nonetheless. I’ve combined several different ideas I’ve seen together to make one, and added a little of my own. I almost got all your candies in there, and then some. :)

    Thank you, __________________!
    We wanted To TAKE 5 and tell you what a SPECIAL teacher you are. You are a real SWEETTARTS for everything you teach our little RUNTS.
    We know there must be mornings when you want to ROLLOver and stay in bed, but you still make your way down that ROCKY ROAD. You deserve 100 GRAND every PAYDAY so that you can go on a shopping SPREE on 5TH AVENUE, but you will have to settle for our SYMPHONY of voices saying thank you. We know sometimes our kids act like AIR HEADS and NERDS, or like they’re from MARS or somewhere beyond the MILKY WAY. (Us parents, too!) You bring such Almond JOY when you teach about the WHATCHAMACALIT and ignore when their mistakes are real Whoppers. It must be hard to contain your SNICKERS when those little SUGAR BABIES tell you MOUNDS of stories about their SUGAR DADDYs and mommies. Sometimes it must seem that all you do is SKOR papers. Most days you probably want to be like BABY RUTH and make a FAST BREAK for home. You are the RIESEN our kids are SMARTIES instead of DUM DUMS. You are a LIFESAVERs. Thank you for going the EXTRA mile. We know the lessons you’ve taugh our kids will help them both NOW AND LATER in life. We know you love our kids to PIECES (reeses). You are the best, BAR NONE!!!
    With HUGS and KISSES—

  4. Hey Almond Joy,

    I love this is always cute and original.just like you!

    Take care, Monica

  5. Listen up PEEPS!
    (Name of person) is turning (age).
    Don’t listen to the SNICKERS from all those GOOBERS
    because you’re a STARBURST and your friendship is EXTRA(gum), EXTRA(gum) special to me.
    We’ve had GOOD AND PLENTY of times and you know how to TOOTSIE ROLL.
    Happy Birthday!

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