How To Teach Children To Cut With Scissors

scissorsSo I’ve noticed that when parents bring in their children to my preschool, half of the preschoolers don’t know how to correctly use scissors to cut paper.

I’ve figured out a few tips during these last few years of teaching preschool, so I hope they help you teach your own child how to cut with scissors properly.

First, like the girl in this picture, teach your children to cut with “Thumbs Up.”  This will help their wrist so it doesn’t get strained as they are learning to cut paper.

Second, teach them to keep pushing their arm forward as they cut.  Otherwise, they will just make small cuts on the side of a paper, over and over and over.

And third, remind them to be safe with scissors and never run if they are holding scissors in their hands (or cut their friend’s hair!)  :)

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