Start A Preschool and Be Happy

One of the benefits I love so much about my preschool business is how I could start a preschool and find so much happiness in the every-day events.

Life brings on a whole new meaning when you have 10 bubbly children running up to give you hugs each morning!  I remember the first day after I decided to start the business – I thought, “Is this going to be exhausting, or rewarding?”

Sure, there’s times when it’s exhausting – what job isn’t?

But by far, it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life (along with having my children, of course!)

I love seeing the kids’ smiling faces, their giggles and laughter as they sit around the snack table, their bright faces as they master a new skill…  And now I get to witness all these joys because I simply made the decision to start.

Can you see your day being brighter with experiences like this?  Do you need a pick-me-up?  Would you love to get hugs and thank you cards and little gifts at Christmas time and for your birthday?

What better way to enrich your life could there be than to start a preschool?

I remember a comment my mom always makes whenever she sees her grandkids.  She says, “I love seeing the kids and spending so much time with them and having fun with them…  And then I love giving them back to you.”

And that’s the beauty and wonder that comes with your preschool – you get to love and enjoy the kids for a few hours, and then you get to send them on their way to their parents.  So if you need an extra boost of fun, love and excitement each day – then start a preschool and you’ll be on your way!

*CAVEAT: Of course I may get a cynical reader on my post, thinking to herself/himself: “If you’re not happy, you shouldn’t start a business like a preschool.”  Yes, I agree!  Only happy, stable people should embark on such a journey.  I simply mean to say that it is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever known.  

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Joy Anderson

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Preschool expert Joy Anderson is the creator of Preschool In A Box, the complete business kit to help women start preschools in their homes. She is the founder of the home preschool model and has helped thousands of women create a supplemental or full-time income by simply teaching preschool classes to 3- to 5-year-olds for a few hours each day. She still runs her own wildly successful preschool and can often be found running after her five children and husband in Boise, Idaho.

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