A new baby has joined our family!

At last!

I’d like to introduce you to my adorable little son, E.M.

(Guess his name in the comment box below!)

Even though my due date was July 21 (remember, the same due date as my baby girl 2 years ago!) I knew I was going to have him on July 8.  I told EVERYBODY that we were having him on that day, but no one quite knew how I could know what day he would be born.  Especially when it’s not really us who’s in charge of the whole “I want to have a baby today” bit.

But regardless, I knew it would be July 8.  After all, my daughter’s birthday is July 7, and I certainly couldn’t have him BEFORE her birthday (he would only be 38 weeks then, and I wanted a healthy baby), I couldn’t have him ON her birthday (who wants to share their one and only special day?), so it seemed right that I have him AFTER her birthday.  But, if you’ve known any pregnant lady, you would know that we’re not very patient.  When we cross that 36 week mark, we’re DONE.  D-O-N-E.  DONE.  So the only day that seemed doable in my frazzled mind was July 8.  I must have engrained that date in my psyche so far that my body had no choice but to go into labor that morning.

A labor to remember

Typically when I go into labor, I have uncomfortable contractions every 3-5 minutes, go into the hospital, get admitted, and then have my epidural set right as they start getting painful.  My past deliveries have been a walk in the park, and quite enjoyable.  I learned real quick that this delivery was NOT typical.

I woke up at 5am on July 8 with contractions.  They were painful, but still 10 minutes apart.  Thinking that the contractions were odd–and certainly not real labor, as they were so far apart–I tried to go back to sleep.  By the time 6am rolled around, they started coming more frequently and were more painful.  I jumped in the shower, knowing that there was no way I was going to have a baby without getting ready first!  Finally at 7am I woke up my husband, said, “We’re having a baby today babe – we got to go!” and we raced off to the hospital.  The contractions hurt… bad… but they were still 7 minutes apart.  Certainly I wasn’t close to having a baby, I thought.

We made it to the hospital by 8am, and after I was checked, they rushed me into a labor & delivery room.  They called the doc and let him know I’d be delivering within the hour.  I was FRIEKING out.  “What do you mean within the hour!?!” I thought, “If the baby comes too fast I won’t have time to get an epidural!”  In between contractions I emphatically demanded that I HAD to have an epidural.  In my mind, there was no way I could deliver without one… the contractions hurt SOOO bad… and were coming every 2-3 minutes by that time.

I. Want. An. Epidural. NOW!

Nurses started flying around, putting all sorts of monitoring devices on me, setting an I.V., and tracking down the anesthesiologist.  I couldn’t focus.  I didn’t even know what the room looked like.  I couldn’t breathe correctly.  I never took birthing classes because I never thought I needed them.  I had never felt such pain.  I heard screaming inside my head and realized it was ME screaming.  But I didn’t care.  It was the only way I could get through the pain.

Finally, at 8:30 the anesthesiologist came in to set the epidural.  It took another 20 minutes before my legs went numb.

Relief.  That’s all I could feel.

And gratitude.  So grateful that I could enjoy the rest of the delivery without pain.

The delivery came before I knew it, though, and at 9:13 A.M., my sweet son was born.

He was perfect.  Ten fingers.  Ten toes.  And a head full of dark brown hair.  Quite the opposite from our youngest daughter who has a mop of bouncing blonde curls and just turned 2 years old the day before.


Guess his name in the comment box below.  I’ll give you a hint: His initials are: E.M.

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Preschool expert Joy Anderson is the creator of Preschool In A Box, the complete business kit to help women start preschools in their homes. She is the founder of the home preschool model and has helped thousands of women create a supplemental or full-time income by simply teaching preschool classes to 3- to 5-year-olds for a few hours each day. She still runs her own wildly successful preschool and can often be found running after her five children and husband in Boise, Idaho.

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  1. Lenore Anaele

    Congradulation to you and your family on your new baby boy. May God continue to keep, and blessed you and your family in this joyeous, happy time. Peace, love, and blessings to all of you. I;m going to guess that his name is Eddie Matphew Anderson.:)

  2. Jane Chinonye Ikeh

    Wow! i have not really been replying your mail before, but to hear the news of your new born baby today is really something to cheer about, what a great news, THANK GOD and BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU.Love the smiles on your face, you and the baby look absolutely glorious. Guess Johnmark will sound good for him.

  3. Omo Okagbare

    Hey! Congratulation Joy! I am so happy for you and the young man. A big God bless you both.
    Love you greatly. Bye for now

  4. Anthoni Marks

    Hey congratulations on your bundle of joy & welcome back to the circle. May you & family be bless. Looking forward to our continued communication. Much love & blessings.

  5. Yvonne Wheeler

    Hello Joy,

    CONGRATULATIONS! on your new baby boy, it is so nice to get this email from you because it’s been awhile since i have actually talked to you so i thought i missed the whole thing, but i’m glad i didn’t. Your son is absolutely adorable.

    Enjoy, you look great and I pray you and your family be continually blessed.

  6. Denise Mackey

    Awesome! Congrats!

    I knew you were special. My niece name is Joy and my daughter is having her first child. I hope her delivery is as quick as yours. She wants me to be one of her coach. I’m so happy for you. I have four children and one granddaughter and a grandson due in Oct.


  7. Jeanne

    Congratulations, Joy – and good luck with your lovely new baby boy. We are very busy here with the crèche development programme. Best wishes

  8. Beatrice

    Dear Joy,
    Congratulations for the birth of your baby.
    May your child be always surrounded by lots of love
    and happiness.
    Good luck with your surprise sale.
    Best wishes


    Dear Joy

    Glory be to God for the great things He has done. Only Him can do this! He loves those that love Him. He cares for our needs. He is there even if we don’t call Him. He is precious and special in our lives.

    I am very glad to have received this good news. A horse is dancing furiously in my stomach as I typing these words. How are you, your baby and his father? Hope you are fine.

    I will name the child: OLUWADARA (mean – God is Good). May His holy name be gloried. Thank you father for this precious and wonderful gift. May you protect, guide and care for both mother and her baby in Jesus Name. Amen.


  10. Marina Rus

    My eyes are filled with tears of Joy!!!! 🙂 My son is due to come in this world on the 13th of August!!! My son at home will be 5 on August 9 so I don’t want my second son to be born on Julian’s Birthday so I guess we have a lot in common!!!

    My son’s name will be Sebastian Matthias!

    I am guessing your son’s name is Emerson Martin, Emerson Matthew 🙂

    God Bless You and Your Family!


  11. Pamela

    What a blessing! Congratulations on the birth of your son. My guess on his name is…Emanuel Micheal.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.

    Pamela Fanney

  12. Grace Ansah - Congratulations my dear Joy, what a joy to see Serverine Margarita, welcomed to our world and as the Lord called Bezalel to decorate His Tabernacle with all kinds of skillful deocration, she is going to be the gift the Lord made for Himself

    My Dear Joy,

    What a joyous news! May the joy of the Lord be our strength.

    Congratulations for such a wonderful gift from our Lord.

    You yourself are looking very well: how the Lord gives us strength and renew it after birthgiven.

    A healthy beautiful baby boy and his guessed name is Emanuel Mark. The Lord bless him and keep him in His perfect will all the days of his life.


  13. Kathy

    Congratulations!! What a sweetheart. How precious and tiny he is.

    I’m going to guess: Edwin Matthew

  14. Carolyn


    Congratulations on your bundle of life and joy! I’m going to say E.M. = Elijah Matthew or Elijah Malachi

    May ALL of his steps be ordered by Christ!

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