Boy or Girl!?!

Hurray hurray – the day has finally come!  I’ve been anxiously awaiting finding out if we’re having a boy or girl, and today was the day we found out!  And look – I’m finally showing!

I’m going to list a bunch of old wives’ tales about this pregnancy, and we’ll see if you guess the right gender!

  • Siblings: Girl, girl, boy
  • Baby’s heartrate: 134
  • Due date: July 21
  • Conceived in: October
  • I’m carrying the baby: Low
  • As for morning sickness: I never got it
  • I’m craving: Sour and salty foods
  • As for orange juice: I hate it
  • My hair is: Constantly changing – I want to cut it, curl it, perm it, dye it.  Every day is a new look.
  • Beachball or watermelon? My belly is a: watermelon
  • I’ve gained: 10 lbs. but have no idea where it went
  • I started really showing: At 18 weeks


Be sure to write your guess in your comment below and tell me WHY you think it’s a boy or girl!  

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Preschool expert Joy Anderson is the creator of Preschool In A Box, the complete business kit to help women start preschools in their homes. She is the founder of the home preschool model and has helped thousands of women create a supplemental or full-time income by simply teaching preschool classes to 3- to 5-year-olds for a few hours each day. She still runs her own wildly successful preschool and can often be found running after her five children and husband in Boise, Idaho.

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  1. Sarah

    My guess is a BOY – because of the heartrate being low. I can’t wait to find out! How’ve you been feeling btw? – Sarah

  2. Konrad Braun

    Congrats again to you!

    My guess is: its a boy!

    Why? Because you are craving sour and salty foods… just kidding!

    I have no idea… its just a guess!

  3. Mandy B.

    Definitely a girl! If you’ve already had 2 girls and you just barely started showing – that’s what I guess! Thought of any names yet? I bet you’re so excited! And you’re looking so cute!

  4. tatiana

    I think its a boy!
    Baby boys are carried lower and I hear their heart rates are from the 130’s to 140’s

  5. Jerome Bethea

    My wife and I just had our first boy 11 days ago (www.BabyBoyBethea.com you can tell I’m a proud dad,huh? =)

    and I think you’re having a Boy.
    My wife was beautiful throughout the pregnancy and there is one concept that because it is a boy her beauty was preserved. If it was a girl she would have shared some of her beauty with our daughter thereby causing a slight “decrease” if you can call it that.

    These are pretty pictures and that’s why I think it’s a boy. =) Mazal Tov on your pregnancy and the baby should come at a healthy and auspicious time for you and the baby.

  6. Kimiko St.John

    Ok I think its a girl:) and btw ur due the same day my second daughter was born:)

    My boyfriend says its a boy and that ur going to have it on his bday (07/18) sooo we have a side bet going:)

  7. Fred

    Joy – why couldn’t you have one of each? In India there are now 6% less
    females because of the dowlery. At least you will be able to find a

  8. Kristen

    I think it might be a girl, I didn’t have any morning sickness with my daughter and didn’t show till later on but, that’s just my guess:0) Congrats!!

  9. Sandy

    I say boy – because of the savoury cravings, I craved chilli’s with my boys and chocolate with my girl! Good luck with the pregnancy – you looking great!

  10. Concepts

    From old chinese wisdom. It you and husband did “it” s l o w l y, then its’s a high possibility you are having a girl. I you all did “it” fast instead, then it is high possibility that you are having a boy. it’s all good.

  11. Nanci

    hmmmm….I’m leaning more towards a boy. Why? Because of the way you are carrying, and what you are craving. The same were true of me when I was carrying my son. PLUS your son needs a brother! 🙂
    Congratulations, Joy!

  12. Angela

    I am guessing a boy because you are carrying low and didn’t have too much morning sickness. When I had my son, I craved salty and sour foods too and his heart rate was 132. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I craved anything sweet. I was also sick a lot with my daughter. I’m excited for you either way! Can’t wait to hear the news!!!! 😉

  13. Margaret

    I’m guessing “boy”. Basing it on similar cravings and carrying “watermelon-style”…..and I’m using my son as the baseline of this scientific comparison. 🙂

    Good luck with your pregnancy and God bless you both!

  14. Cathy Driver

    I think that you will be having another boy because you are sitting low also you don’t have any kind of nasty cravings thats why I will its a boy

  15. Tamica Reynolds

    Congratulations. It’s a girl and if not I still pray for you and baby’s daddy to have great health and strength to care for all of your children. And baby to have peace, joy and unconditional love.

  16. Gigi

    I’m just thinking you will have a little girl – just comparing my own
    experiences (I have a son and a daughter) – no matter, here’s wishing
    you both good health and much happiness. I’m wishing many blessings
    for you, your baby and all of your family!!

  17. David

    Joy It sounds like according to what you have told me you are going to have a boy!!! congrads again.


  18. Denyse

    I would guess at a boy….can’t believe u already have 3 children, you are so lovely and vibrant. Excited for you

  19. Holly

    I think that it would depend a lot on your husband…
    I have had 4 boys and each pregnacy was completely different.
    I will guess boy because that is what I am good at.
    I love your curly hair! You look so cute and happy

  20. Earnestine Ross

    Hi Joy, its a boy. I am enjoying my grandson who will be 6 months on the 18 of this month. What a joy, Joy. I am going to go with a boy.

  21. Shevi

    I think it’s a boy….due to the low heart rate and the mere fact that i was the same way for my last pregnancy in 2008. I am also 12 weeks pregnant and totally opposite from when i was having my son.
    Hope that you are fine, and please enjoy every bit of your pregnancy.

  22. Marcysecrets

    I think it’s a GIRL. Well if you’re lucky – it will be. Man, boys are hard work. I’ve only got the one, and I can tell you, the one is enough.

    The best year of my life was when I was pregnant. I had EVERYONE doing EVERYTHING for me, slept when I wanted and ate what I liked. As you can imagine, now 13 years on, trying to blame those die hard habits on the pregnancy is wearing a bit thin.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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