Guess What? We’re…

You guessed it!  Pregnant! Again!

And this time, for the last and final time!  We couldn’t be more thrilled!

It was the funniest thing, because for so long we knew there was one little more kiddo for us, but didn’t know quite the right time to bring that little one to our family.

If you remember, I’m remarried, and brought 3 children of my own into our marriage.  My sweet hubby didn’t have any children, and quickly grew into his role of the father of our home.  He always wanted a family, he just didn’t know he’d be a dad of 3 kids overnight!

Then, two years into our marriage, we welcomed our own little bundle of joy into our family: baby Sarah!  Well, baby Sarah is not such a baby anymore, but quite the bundle of energy!  She walks around the house–or crawls around growling like a dog–and leaves a mess of toys in her wake.  She has quite the knack for signing and can’t wait until she gets to go to preschool in a year and a half!

Not the right time

Since baby Sarah has joined our family, our preschool has grown incredibly, with us opening up a second preschool in our town.  To say we’ve been busy is an understatement.  We’ve been SWAMPED!  And with the new preschool, came a request from our parents asking for us to create a private Kindergarten program for the fall.  We’ve always been thrilled about the idea, but didn’t know the right timing for it.  Not known to disappoint, we said SURE! and started preparations for our Kindergarten program for the Fall of 2012.

Now, back to our baby story…

We knew that 2011 was all about getting into a second preschool, and had no baby plans on the horizon.  On the contrary, we knew that 2011 was DEFINITELY not the year to get pregnant!

Finally the right time

So imagine our surprise, when one week after we moved into the new preschool in October of 2011–and finally felt a moment of peace–that I got the impression that the next month WAS the time to get pregnant.

I can still remember exactly what we were doing when that impression came.  We went to a theater nearby that serves you dinner while you watch the movie.  We had never gone to it before, but thought it would be fun to try out.  So we ordered hamburgers (which, in all honesty, were only so-so; why would we think differently?) and watched the cheesy hometown commercials before the movie started.  (The movie was Transformers, the moon one.)

As my mind was otherwise not engaged–seriously, who even watches those hometown commercials?–I found myself thinking of the upcoming Kindergarten program, and how I’d probably be at the schoolhouse Monday-Friday during school hours.  I imagined my little Sarah bear playing at her friend’s house, and I tried to imagine myself being pregnant NEXT year.  I couldn’t.  All I could think of was how busy I was going to be.  Helping out the teachers.  Shopping.  Talking to parents.  Getting the rooms all set up.

And that was when I realized that once the Kindergarten program started, there was no way I would want to have any more children.  That would be my life.  And I know myself well enough to pay attention to those thoughts.

And then it hit me: If we want to have another child, it has to be right now.  Not literally right now, as in jump on my sweetie in the darkened theater (though the idea of leaving early did cross my mind…)  but as in the next month or two, because we had to time the baby’s arrival for the summertime.

So I turned to my husband and told him what I had just thought.

Of course, he was totally shocked.

We had just finished the schoolhouse, we had parents to keep happy, and more renovations were on the horizon.  In both our minds, now was still NOT the time to get pregnant.  But we said we’d think about it, and see what we felt during the next few days.

Sure enough, we both started feeling great about the idea, and knew somehow we’d make it though all the upcoming months of craziness.


So after just a month of being off birth control, we found out we were pregnant!  Apparently it WAS the right time for our family!

And you know what’s so funny?  My due date is the SAME as baby Sarah’s!

JULY 21st!!!

Don’t even ask me how that happens…

So right now I’m almost 16 weeks along, and if you wonder why I’ve been M-I-A in the past months you can blame it on this crazy pregnancy!  It’s all I can do to keep my head above the water sometimes.  But overall, things have been going great.  I’m super hungry, have the worst cravings for PICKLES, FRY SAUCE, and HAMBURGERS, and can’t get enough of FUDDRUCKERS!  Oh, if I could only eat there every night…

In other news, every other mother in America will probably hate me because I haven’t been sick one bit this pregnancy.  With my first 3, I was totally sick during the first trimester.  With Sarah, I skipped the whole first trimester sickness and replaced it with 2nd trimester sickness.  Go figure!  But this time… not an ounce of nausea.  And I couldn’t be more grateful!  Seems like God’s giving me a blessing to be able to get through this pregnancy and still do everything I need to do.

Stay tuned in the next 4 weeks to find out if it’s a boy or girl!


What do YOU think it is?  Our kiddos so far are: GIRL, GIRL, BOY, GIRL…

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Preschool expert Joy Anderson is the creator of Preschool In A Box, the complete business kit to help women start preschools in their homes. She is the founder of the home preschool model and has helped thousands of women create a supplemental or full-time income by simply teaching preschool classes to 3- to 5-year-olds for a few hours each day. She still runs her own wildly successful preschool and can often be found running after her five children and husband in Boise, Idaho.

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  1. Marybeth

    Seriously!?! Congratulations girl!!! Wishing you all the happiness that this pregnancy brings you! I’m guessing GIRL based on how many you’ve already had! 🙂

  2. Lisa

    AAAhhh pregnancy…we had our 3rd and final bundle 5 months ago! Congrats to you and your family! Its probably a boy…I was sick with my girls but not my boy lol!

  3. Rebecca Olson

    Congratulations. Way to keep your enrollment up!!! ;). I am happy for you and your family.

    Hope those first 12 weeks aren’t too bad for you.


  4. Erin Meyer

    Congratulations! I am so very happy for you and your family. God bless and please, please take care of yourself

  5. Rebekah

    Congratulations, Joy! What a wonderful surprise! And I think you should end with a boy–every boy needs a partner in crime (aka, “brother”)! Good luck for a continued yucky-tummy-free pregnancy!


  6. Michelle {Fun On a Dime}

    Congratulations! I’m going to guess a boy! I just came across an article that cravings for sweets are girls and pickles and spices are boys…not sure where pickles fall, but it’s a guess! Wishing you the best through the rest of your pregnancy.

  7. Bria

    Congrats.!! I say it’s a girl..but because most of us want it to be a baby girl it might be a boy lol.! That darn mother nature.

  8. Carlene November 7th,2011

    well done guys Congratulation what a way to start 2011.I am happy for you and your family.How is your husband doing ? Are the children excited?


  9. Shelley

    Congratulations Joy! I’m punting on a boy, based on your cravings 🙂

    Our planning of our recent addition was very similar to yours. I sat down with my hubby and had a brief conversation along the lines of, “look, we’ve always said we were going to have four kids, but after this year, we’ll just be too busy, & I never wanted more than a three year gap between babies, so it’s now or never!”

    THAT NIGHT we went on a “Date night” and without my thinking about it, contraception wasn’t used ;p I jumped when I realised (and when it was obviously too late) and said “What was that?”, to which he extended his arms and replied “well, you wanted another one!”. Of course it just so happened to be peak day in my cycle!

    Not much time for me to think about it rationally which is a good thing, I’m sure I would have talked myself out of it. Very happy to have Malakai, our 4 and a half month old bouncing baby boy, and he is such a treasure. Four kids is amazing for us – five will be an endless party for you Joy!

    All the very best

  10. Loretta

    I was wondering where you went!!! Glad your feeling well,hope it continues!!
    Love to you all!!

  11. Esther Sorenson


    That’s wonderful! Congratulations! I say BOY, just to throw off the pattern. You can do it! Just put that baby in a sling and make your rounds at the school.


  12. Heather Sancken

    Once again you are AMAZING!!! I don’t know how you do it. 🙂 I hope you continue to feel well through the remainder of this pregnancy and have a beautiful healthy baby come July. My thoughts and prayers will be with you!!

  13. Beverly

    Great news joy. I have a grandson that is 18 months old and I am really enjoying every minute I have with him. He is my first. I am going for a boy. I think that is what you will have this time. Take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  14. Carrie

    Congratulation!!! I am happy for you. Our youngest of the 6 just turned 8 months today… We were done at 5 and then I begged and pleaded with hubby that we should have one more! We are blessed and I know you are too. We have boy boy,girl girl, boy and now girl..
    I wish you and your family nothing but happinness.

  15. Nabila Shalaby

    Hi Joy!

    Congratulations !! I am sooooo happy for you, this is the greatest news , wishing you all the best !! I know you will keep us posted with all the latest , and I don’t know why but I have a feeling it is a GIRL !!

    Love Nabila

  16. Darlene DeStratis

    Hi Joy congratulations!
    How far along/ My daughter just found out she is expecting too 6 1/2 weeks along. # 6 grandchild for me.
    exciting. Darlene

  17. Lindsie

    Congrats to you sweetheart! What a wonderful blessing:) I still haven’t opened my preschool but am watching a couple of kids. I just don’t know where to start. My mind is all jumbled after losing my son Logan (4yrs old) last summer June 29th. I have a baby girl who will be one in March. I am going back to school part-time to get my certificate for Early Childhood Education for starters in April. I would love to open a preschool I just don’t know when. Anyways, Congrats and I will pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby for you:) You are such an amazing person:)

    Lindsie Hicks-Moore

  18. Terry Cardenas

    Congratulations to both of you!!!A baby is always a blessing from God. Take good care of yourself.

  19. Michele

    Congrats!!! Congrats again to both of you and great welcome to baby Sarah with a lots of blessings.

  20. Paula Farris

    That’s such awesome news, Joy! Congratulations! Glad to hear your business and your family are growing. I think this baby will be a boy or a girl, but probably a boy. 🙂

  21. Beatice

    Hi Joy, congratulations for who you are now. I pray that our FATHER will see you through as HE did earlier. To avoid confussion in the camp let them be twins (boy and girl).

  22. Buyisile Malichi

    Wow!God is goood congratulations Joy,Sarah has a twin two years later it will probably be a boy. God Bless

  23. Tammy Stevens in Bermuda

    Congratulations! you know what they say………life is what happens while you plan. Be sure to get plenty of rest…haha. I’m so happy for you guys. take care. Any thoughts on names yet?

  24. Lenore Anaele

    Hi Joy, I just would ike to say congratulations to you, your husband, and your other three kids. I know you must be very excited! May God continue to keep you, and bless you and the little buddle you are carrying from God. 🙂 Take Care! Thank You for the wonderful tools you shared with me about opening up my preschool. I’m working on getting the daycare converted into a preschool soon by God’s grace. Peace, love, and blessings to you and your family!:) Take Care!

  25. Keri

    Congraduation Joy! I am going to say it will be a boy! Best of luck with your pregnancy and the new beginnings!

  26. Cynthia Emery

    Congratulations Joy wishing you a great pregnancy and delivery! I’m still thinking about the preschool. I have currently transitioned into a before and after school program. I was originally doing a long daycare program 6am-6pm, so I’m enjoying the before/after school program, but it’s not bring in enough money. Well, enough of that, congrats again!

  27. Juliet G

    Hi Joy long time no hear but now I see what you”ve been up too he,he smile. Congrats Joy & I want a girl may God bless you and take you safely through your pregnancy. Love

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