I broke my foot today :(

*Caveat: This awesome x-ray is not my own, as I didn’t even think to get a copy of my x-ray.  But it does show where I broke my foot just in case you were wondering.*

What a day!

It’s been 3 months since my baby Sarah was born and we STILL had not taken family pictures!  Or even newborn pictures!  What a bad Mom I am!  No adorable pics of my baby girl’s naked newborn skin, or her peaceful sleeping face, or even her itty bitty hands and feet.  Nothing.  Nada.

Finally I’d had enough and called up my best friend to setup a photo shoot with all the beautiful changing leaves around town.  Today was our photo shoot.

It started raining before we got to the park, but as soon as we got there it stopped!  Hurray!  Overcast skies but BEAUTIFUL trees everywhere we looked.  Vibrant oranges, reds, yellow, and every shade in between.

Sarah was fairly cooperative for the first 30 min. but after an hour she was DONE!  I think we got some pretty cute shots in.  We’ll see in the next few days!

As we left the park my adorable hubby got stung by a bee.  Under his shirt.  Frieked him out!  The bee was actually still in his shirt so when we got to the car 5 min. later he sat down and started feeling the bee moving around under his shirt!  Needless to say, frieked him out AGAIN!  😉  You know I love you babe!  Ended up giving him lots of sympathy during our ride to Cracker Barrel.  All I can say is, YUM!

On with the story…

Later that afternoon, to thank my friend for taking our pics, I headed over to her house with my 4 kiddos to help her trim her bushes.  Last year she spent HOURS manually using hedge clippers to cut all her hedges, so this year I brought over my electric hedger and showed her how a REAL WOMAN does it!

All was going fine and dandy, and her rose bushes were looking quite amazing (If I do say so myself, and I do!) when all of a sudden…

I stepped back to admire my work and…


Okay, not such a big deal right?  Sorry, I just really wanted to put it in all caps.

But YES it is such a big deal because that hole was too small for my left foot.  I immediately felt my foot buckle underneath me and fell to the ground.

And heard, as clear as day, a:


I got up and brushed off my jeans and thought that was odd that I heard a pop (because, obviously, I know what a pop means!) because I didn’t feel a single bit of pain in my foot.

That was weird, I thought.

Then my friend came over and asked me a question (can’t remember what) and I told her, “Hmmm, I fell in that hole, and I heard a pop.”  Then I tried to take a step forward and all of a sudden said, “Oh that sucks.  This is so totally NOT a good time to break my foot.”

I could feel my foot starting to heat up on the side.  And as I made my way over to the chair just a few feet away, with each limping step I could feel more and more pain.

I took off my shoe and just stared at my foot.

Luckily there was no blood to match my bright red toenail polish.  Instead, I noticed something slightly odd.  Again with the word: Odd.  I’ll have to come up with some better distinguishing adjectives next time, sorry.

Feel free to cringe

Between my pinky toe and my ankle (right in the very middle on the side) I noticed my skin jutting out in a sickening mountain off my foot.

I called my husband and told him very calmly, “I broke my foot.  I’ll meet you at the urgent care place.”

But after hopping to my friend’s car, and having to put weight on my foot by stepping DOWN into her garage (OH MY GOSH I HAVE NEVER FELT SO MUCH PAIN!) I lost it.


I clenched my teeth and fought back the tears but they kept coming.  And then the sobs started.  And then the muffled moans.

Somehow in the 20 min. car ride to the urgent care place I pulled it together.  It was actually feeling quite normal by then, as long as I didn’t try to move it or (Heaven forbid!) try to put any weight on it!

They did a few x-rays and came up with the conclusion that I had come up with an hour earlier.  I broke my foot.  And dang, it hurt.

Not even a boot?

But I didn’t need surgery, a cast, or even a “boot.”  I was told it would “heal by itself” and that I could wear supportive tennis shoes to help walk.

“BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PAIN!?!”  I said.  I don’t care if I can wear tennis shoes to help support my foot.  If I can’t put pressure on it there’s no reason for a tennis shoe at all!

Apparently I must have whined enough (Who doesn’t whine when they break something?) because I got sent home with a pair of crutches.

And that’s how my night ended: with a friend who felt REALLY BAD that I broke my foot in her backyard trying to help her trim her bushes.

It’s actually quite a funny story, if you can forget about the part with the broken foot and the pain and all.


I’d ask for a few kind words of sympathy, but then I’d feel sorry for myself for even asking.  Okay, okay… I’ll take the sympathy.

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Preschool expert Joy Anderson is the creator of Preschool In A Box, the complete business kit to help women start preschools in their homes. She is the founder of the home preschool model and has helped thousands of women create a supplemental or full-time income by simply teaching preschool classes to 3- to 5-year-olds for a few hours each day. She still runs her own wildly successful preschool and can often be found running after her five children and husband in Boise, Idaho.

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  1. oz

    Gotta be careful of them holes they’ll get you. About 19 years past I was hauling some furniture for my grandson and his buddy. My eldest grand daughter was with me. I momentarily passed out I guess, and fell onto my foot. Trying to be macho (guys are not supposed to cry. I drove (a stick shift) about 50 mile and 90 mile back to the ER, the boys unloaded the stuff, and by then my foot had drastically swelled up, my grandson called his mother, and she demanded I go to the doctors, ended up in the hospital for a week, and my shoe had to be cut off my foot. A few months later I was fighting the doctor to remove my cast as I had to go to Ft. Leonardwood MO, for my grand daughter graduation ARMY bootcamp and I did not want to be there in the snow with a cast. And at times today I still have pain in the foot because of rushing to get the cast off. ;-{ … Good luck with your foot.

  2. Carl

    I broke my leg when I was a kid. I had metal taps on the heels of my shoes and just slipped while leaning against a wall. Walked home (about a block away). That night my whole right leg swelled up and I was in excruciating pain. My parents took me to the emergency ward. I ended up staying in the hospital for a month… compound fracture and bone cyst. Finally went home with crutches and a cast on my leg.

    Keep using your crutches and milk the sympathy for all it’s worth. : )

  3. Terry

    I have broken my foot also this last week and would love for you To hear my story! my Daughter has been in school for RN and I know her persona she would be perfect for a daycare or preschool thing and I have a couple properties that would work but with what has happened in the last few years I am unable to finance any thing outside of my Target! I am broke waiting for future light rail projects happening in Denver! I have unique properties that are perfect for daycare surrounded by one thousand car parking garages! please help me! My baby’s are my life and I want them to succeed! How do I show her (shes 21! it is early in your children’s lives but can I count on your insight) and I want is to go forward with this but she has Fears!!!! I as dad can not push can you help with my inability to show her but be dad! help with her feeling insecure and that it is not me who made this happen! please send an email to her and I would like to see if you are really what you say you would like to portray! Thanks in advance for your insight and why this should happen if we are going to make America Great!! Terry

  4. Janet

    One afternoon I was leading my class of preschoolers onto the playground through a patch of pea gravel. My left foot slid, unceremoniously, under a step. There was nothing to grab onto to support my weight and I slid to the ground with my foot underneath me. Although I maintained I could teach the last month of school, my principal would not allow it, so I was grounded. That was the last day of April. In June I had emergency gall bladder surgery…boot still on the ankle. And in August we moved. I’m hoping to never have another summer like that one. Happy hopping.

  5. Brittain Cephas

    I can so empathize, I broke my toe 2 weeks ago, hit it on one of my 8 lb. weights, who knew walking into a small weight at full force in the early morning dark in my living room would break my toe. Within minutes it was huge and a lovely shade of purple. Amazing pain. Who knew that if you moved one toe they all moved together and that was even worse. I still can’t move all my toes on my left foot. Feel better – I hear it does get better! Brittain

  6. Brenda

    Hi Joy

    Sorry to hear about your foot. I know it is very painful but I still think you need a boot. I broke my foot just walking to the loo from my bedroom one late Sunday evening. The next thing I was down yelling. It took 6 weeks but I’m fine now. I wish you a speedy recovery and don’t overdo things. Rest as much as you can with your foot up.
    I really do think its time those photos were put up of baby Sarah. She is growing fast and you are going to miss this time of her growing up.

    All the best

  7. Esta Pettet

    I’m so sorry to hear about your foot. So many things we take for granted then when we aren’t able to use them we realize how much we need them. I hope your feeling better by the hollidays. Let me know if I can do anything for you! Lots of love from, Esta

  8. Praxedes

    Hi Joy,
    I pray that you are feeling better and it is healing faster everyday. Pray over it and declare fast reconstruction in the name of Jesus. Take charge and be blessed.

  9. Ting Lott

    Sorry for your accident. Take your pain pills and soon all this will be behind you. Life is full of trails and hardships. Remember who suffered for all in the Garden of Gethsemane and he bore the pains of all mankind and when we have a small amount of pain it helps us to be humble and remember Christ suffer great bodily pain even to bleed from every pore so we can repent and be cleansed from our transgressions. I hope you will handle your pains well and I hope and pray for your speedily recovery.

  10. Carolyn Lewis

    I’m so sorry to hear about your foot Joy, But I agree you do need a walking boot or shoe, I’m also a registered nurse, who works in Orthopedics, in addition to a home daycare provider, also keep it elevated as much as possible. I pray for your speedy recovery.

  11. Fern

    So sorry to hear about your ordeal, Joy! Keep milking all the sympathy you
    can get!! I hope you heal quickly and the pain goes away! Take it easy,
    foot injuries can be quite a “pain” if you don’t rest it enough to let it
    heal. Believe me, you want it to heal right the first time!!

    Take care,

  12. Kristen

    I hope you feel better Joy. A broken foot is no fun, but with a new baby it’s even harder. Been there, done that.

    On a bright note… I’m looking forward to year two curriculum book! I’m already anticipating how wonderful it will be.

  13. Jennifer

    I broke my foot and am in cast – I have to go in for bladder surgery but the wont take me with the cast on – i have a computer chair with wheels and i scoot about the house it is great getting from a to b without crutches


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