I’m in NYC!

Guess what!?!

I’m in NEW YORK CITY with my cute hubby! Our kiddos are staying with grandma and we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary. Can you believe it… 2 years already!

But I’ve never been to the big apple before so I need your help. Please?

I’ve only got 24 hours here and I want to do every possible thing that I can do as a tourist (yeah I’m talking about being the ultimate tourist for the next 24 hrs! Bring on the fanny packs and the cameras!)

But I have no idea what to do in this huge city, and especially when I only have such a limited time to do it in!


So in the comments below, could you please tell me some of the places I should go before I leave? I figured you’d probably know better than I would.   Then I’ll choose a few of your ideas and take pictures of me there! 

UPDATE: Thanks for all your ideas so far! We got a double decker bus and we’re going to the Empire State building. MORE pics and updates to come! Anyone ever eaten at Ray’s Pizza on Broadway? So good!  Here’s some pics of us:

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  1. Brenda

    I love new york! Make sure you check out times square and saks 5th ave. And of course plan on shopping! Have fun!

  2. Julie Mangera

    Oh what a great time! I love central park. . . Especially now in the fall. The trees are GORGEOUS!

  3. Georgia

    Do you like SNL? Last time I was there I went to rockefeller center and took the nbc tour. And of course you’ve got to see a broadway show!

  4. Susan Fittler

    Yeah Joy!! Take an open top double decker bus – Hop on, Hop off but you’ll see all the landmarks! D a horse & carriage ride in Central Park; the Empire State, Times Square; a show on Broadway & across to Lady Liberty!~~
    That’s my Aussie advice!! ENJOY 🙂

  5. Sara

    How fun! If you take the Stanton Island Ferry it is free and you go past the statue of liberty, it is faster than the tour boats to the statue and of course cheaper! Check out Rockefeller Center and do the top of the rock tour, it is amazing view, but only if the weather is clear right now. The Toys R Us in times square is so fun, even for adults, they have a working ferris wheel, the store is three stories tall, Fao Schwartz is fun too, they still have the keyboard you can walk on just like in the tom hanks movie, good luck and have lots of fun!

  6. Carl

    If you’ve only got 24 hours, go down to 42nd Street between 6th and 8th Avenues. You’ve got a beautiful park on 6th Ave (Broadway). It’s a great place to sit, have a cup of coffee or tea and soak in the city views. Then, stroll up 42nd St toward 8th Ave and you’ll see some amazing architecture and get a good feel for the city.

    If you’ve got time (and money) perhaps you could catch a Broadway show or visit Madame Tussauds’s wax museum of go to D & B (Dave and Busters) for a quick drink and play some video games. It’s quite entertaining. There are plenty of places to eat and drink, much to see and do, shop or just relax. It’s all right there within those few blocks (and it’s safe).

    Plus you can catch one of those double decker tour buses and tour the rest of the city… ENJOY!

  7. Fun On A Dime Lady

    It’s been awhile for me, but stop and try some pizza from a street shop. I just remember thinking that for such a simple piece of pizza, it was huge and amazing! My mom would tell you to go see a show!

  8. Shirley

    If your going to catch a show you should check out in the heights or stomp they are great shows and not to expensive. Then maybe you should try a little shopping in chinatown I have a great time when Im in chinatown. Hope you have fun and take lots of pictures.

  9. sharon newton

    Hey Joy! Please visit Junior’s Restaurant in downtown Brooklyn and you must go shopping at Macy’s Herald Square. HINT! HINT! I’m from NYC! West Indian background. If you love West Indian food, try Sybil’s Restaurant on Church Ave or Sally’s Restaurant on Flatlands Ave.

    Have Fun!

  10. claire sweigart

    Hi Joy…Enjoy….I have only flown in one airport, took a cab to the other airport and flew out…I would love to have seen the Statue of Liberty…Central Park, of course some of the famous stores…the tour buses has exactly the points of interest that people that visit, they will take you by there…Have Fun and Enjoy….

  11. Michelle Gonzalez

    Hi Joy, It looks like all the suggestions I would have given you have been mentioned already. Definately a Bdway show, the ones mentioned above are great as is Wicked. Juniors Restaurant is a must for their cheesecake. Toys R Us is one of my favorites as well as Madame Toussauds museum. All of the ideas mentioned above are great. Hope you get to do many of them. Can’t wait to see the pics. Good Luck and Have Fun! Oh, you must have a hot dog from one of those street vendors with the yellow and blue umbrellas.

  12. [email protected]


    I live in NY and this is what you need to know.
    Pizza: You need to try the pizza. Lombardi’s . 1st Pizzeria in America. 32 Spring Street 212-941-7994. 10 min cab from Times Square.
    Oysters. In Penn Station a bar called Traxx next to McDonalds. In Union Station, The Union Oyster Bar.
    Go to a street vendor, anyone and get a hot dog, peanuts and a pretzel.
    Go to the top of the Empire State Bldg, Go to Central Park and across the street is Tiffanys. If you are business minded go to Trump Tower. They have a great lounge inside……feel the power.
    Oh yeah, Horse and carriage ride is a must. It can be picked up at Central Park.

  13. Susan Braund

    Hi JoyI took the double decker bus tour. You can get off and on at your whim. It was fun and I learned a lot!

  14. Howard

    Museum of natural history and planetarium are amazing. Biggest dinosaur collection on earth. Then go to a show on Broadway. Discounted ticket on same day.

  15. Shirley Price

    You are too early for the Macy’s Day Parade… so you can go to Macy’s
    department store on 34th street and shop all in that area .. They have a lot of wholesale stores on 33-32 31 street and also toward 36th 5th ave stores or you can go to china town… You are traveling with some friends??? hope you have a great time .. When your guts tell you to stop … stop eat , drink and be merry… My prayers are with you in your adventure

  16. Beverly Harris

    I went the early part of this year and I visit Julliard School, Manhattan and took a tour bus around the city. My hotel was in Jersey on the Hudson so I got a chance to visit both cities. Let me know how it works out.

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