Think you can guess her name?

Thank you thank you to everyone who has wished us well during this pregnancy! This has been a huge journey for us, and we’re so glad you could share it with us! And now, if you don’t mind, I’ll share a little story with you.

It all started 5 years ago, when I had my 3rd child, a sweet little cholicy boy named Ashton. My marriage was falling apart, and I knew I was done having children. But even though I knew I was done, I knew there was a little baby girl still up there in heaven waiting for me. I just didn’t know how I could possibly bring her into this world. So I was content with my 3 little children, and told God “I’m sorry, but I just can’t have her right now. I know you understand.”

Fast forward to 2 years ago, when my marriage failed and I was SO GLAD I stopped having children when I did. I simply couldn’t imagine being a single mom raising a newborn. This is the point in my story where you all know that I started a preschool so I could stay home with my beautiful children.

And then I met my sweet hubby. After a whirlwind courtship of just 7 weeks we were married. He became a father of 3 overnight (they know he is their stepfather but they adore him so much they call him “Dad”) but he still hoped that someday he might have a child or two of his own. Though I finally had my BODY back and so wished I didn’t have to go through the miserable weight gain again, I slowly became excited about the idea as well.

A year into our marriage, we knew it was time. And we got pregnant immediately. We were so thankful! I contemplated if this was the time that my baby girl would finally come join our family. And sure enough, at just 7 weeks along, when I saw her for the first time as a little tadpole in the ultrasound, I KNEW it was HER. Of course, the ultrasound wouldn’t prove it until 20 weeks, but I knew all along she was finally ours. And that’s when her name came to me as well. It was so beautiful, so sweet. Like it had always been her name.

So after a busy pregnancy with life flashing by quicker than we could catch up, she joined our family at 3:29 p.m. on July 7, 2010. And our life has been so much richer ever since!


Now who thinks they know her name? Her first and middle initials are S.M. Post your guesses below! Good luck!

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Preschool expert Joy Anderson is the creator of Preschool In A Box, the complete business kit to help women start preschools in their homes. She is the founder of the home preschool model and has helped thousands of women create a supplemental or full-time income by simply teaching preschool classes to 3- to 5-year-olds for a few hours each day. She still runs her own wildly successful preschool and can often be found running after her five children and husband in Boise, Idaho.

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  1. Alisha

    Sophie, Savannah, Sadie, Sydney is my guess for the S. part. May or Marie, Madison for the M. Sooo Cute! Congrats!

  2. Connie Trujillo


    That is a blessing, we just don’t know what God has prepared for us.


  3. Eranga Silva

    HI my congradulations!!!!!!! hope u baby n every thing r find. Praise the Lord…!!!!!! ill guess her name? SAARAH MEERIUM or SILVERYN MARLENE i put her pet name is PRIMROSE ok. ill pray for u n ur family u also pray for me ok. may GOd bless you n tc

  4. Sharon D'Cruz

    Congratulation!!!!! I am so happy for you…… She is beautiful
    Lots of Love and blessings to her

  5. Denise

    Congratulation on your new arrival. You can do all things through Christ who give you strength. I am really bad at guess or trying to remember names, but my guess would be, Sophie Marie.

    Take Care,


  6. Susan Fittler

    Susan Marie or Maree. Thought of the name, your little girl would have been born on my birthday 8th (Australian time) So Susan is my name & Maree is my besties name who also shares a birthday on the 8th! Then I read Mariah’s post at number 1 and SAME!! She’s meant to be Susan Maree!!! Congratulations

  7. ross

    I can still remember how I felt going for those first ultrasounds. How amazing it was the first time I saw son’s heartbeat on that ultrasound screen, and how reassuring it was to hear it for the first time.

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