Sarah’s Turn To Join the Homeschool Fun!

After a successful first 2 months of homeschooling Ethan, my husband and I decided it was time to bring Sarah home as well.  She is 7 and in 2nd grade.  She absolutely loved everything about public school, but we’ve never been a big fan of the social/worldly scene in public school, so we thought it best to bring her home before she got too ingrained in that world.

I anticipated some push back from her when we told her our decision to homeschool her; after all, she LOVED her teachers so much in her current class.  But after her seeing all the fun Ethan was having fun at homeschool, Sarah was excited to do homeschool too!

She had one week of public school left before Christmas break, so we thought it would be a nice transition to pull her out of school once everyone left for break.  After all, she had the lead in her class Christmas party… so we couldn’t take that away from her!  🙂

On her very last day of public school (the Christmas party and play), she amazed the family crowd with her enthusiastic rendition of Mrs. Clause.  (In my humble opinion, she really was the best performer in her class… she knew how to project her voice and give tons of expression in her dialogue.  But I suppose I might be biased.)

We told her she would start homeschool after Christmas break, and every day of break she kept asking me, “Do we get to start school today!?!”  Thankfully we had plenty of time to talk about what she wanted in homeschool.  In fact, she even made me a wish list!

Sarah’s Homeschool Wish List

  • Chrome books (top of her list; imagine that!)
  • More field trips
  • More art
  • Snacks
  • Quiet reading time
  • Reward charts
  • Class pet (I voted chickens; she voted HAMSTER!)
  • Show & Tell
  • Bug catchers
  • Take off shoes during quiet reading time
  • “Could we bring a blanket!?!”
  • Cooking/home area
  • Sensory
  • Lego’s, games, floor puzzles

While I’ll wait until next year to get her a Chrome book, most everything else on her list is pretty easy to accommodate!


What do you think would be on your child’s wish list if they could learn at home?

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