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    Joy Anderson

    Great question! I actually target specific subdivisions based on their “look.” That’s how technical my marketing is! lol. I look for subdivisions that look like they’re either for starter homes all the way up to middle income families. You’ll find your best success there for reaching the stay-at-home moms.

  2. Sandy

    Sounds like you’ve been busy! What a great idea to make it a fun mother/son event – I like bringing my children along when I deliver flyers. Good idea to put them in the plastic sleeves in inclement weather.

  3. Danielle Bush

    Great Idea, THANKS! I’m in the final stages of my business plan and this will help. Unfortunately I am unable to have a home program because of being a foster parent, god forbid you “double dip” from the state! It’s all about the money with them, so I’m just going to open a seperate center! Just a few dozen more hoops to jump through!

  4. Holly

    This is fun. I think I like this motivation! I sat down right away and made a flyer. It’s like working with a team.
    I have passed out flyers before, probably just 150 and received 1 student so this is right on.
    My tip is to offer a coupon at the end. I put on the bottom a box that says “Bring this coupon to receive $10 off first month” or “Bring a friend! The friend receives $10 off also and you will receive $20 off the second month for referring… basic idea.

  5. Holly

    Hi again,
    I have been calling around and searching for the bags today. The only place I have found them is
    It looks like you can get alot of them sz 4×12. Has anyone found any cheaper then $17 – 19 per 1000?

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    Joy Anderson

    Hi Holly! Uline is definitely the place to go for those bags! Great job for finding them. I actually get them at my local UPS for $15 for 1500, but that’s only because he has some local distributor who gets them cheaper. If you don’t have a local connection, then is definitely the best place to get them! Thanks for the link for everyone.

  7. Amy LeForge

    Hi Joy,
    There are such things as paper folding machines that will do tri-folds and so on quite quickly. My church had an older model that was a bit cantankerous but worth the time and effort that it saved. I bet you could find one on eBay or Craig’s List. Good luck!

  8. Holly

    Hi girls,
    I just purchased bags from associated bag online. It’s an even better price then I found on uline. I got the 6×12 bags and I only have to fold my flyers in half and they got the bags to me in 2 days. Enough time to print and fold the flyers.

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